Most of these are on YouTube.  Some are mine, but I've included many others that I thought would be of interest.


BITX20 Videos -- Filters, Modulation (scroll down to bottom)

Soldering Videos! Finally! What we've all been waiting for!

Listen and watch Feynman (on honors)

Very cool physics video

Japanese Rube Goldberg Machines

Jeff Bezos Rocket Launch (click on the vidoe links)

Jet-Man! Swiss guy flies like Batman with Jetpack/wing! AIRBORNE!

Fool's Gold Crystal Radio by M0HBR

Mike KL7R demonstrates how to use LTSpice

Bill M0HBR's LTSpice video on Class C amps and saturation

Mike KL7R's LTSpice video on return loss

Ham the chimp rides a rocket into space.

Levitation with superconductivity and a magnet

Flying r/c plane via onboard video and virtual goggles

Amazing Mars Rover Video (with good music!)

Homebrew Cathode Ray Tube

Balloon Launch to 85k ft (with bursting bag of chips!)

AmateurLogic TV Show! A TV show for Radio Amateurs!

Apollo: Saturn V, Lunar rover, LEM blastoff, SPLASH!

See and Hear (binaural) Solar Flares

Easy HB Spectrum Analyzer from DW1SCO

r/c Plane w gyro-controlled video goggles & camera

Toy Electric Chair (Little Sparky!)

r/c B29 with X1 rocket plane (Really amazing!)

Aurora (YouTube with Ampere and Faraday laws!)

Time lapse Aurora (watch the meteors)

Crystal Radio with real galena and cat's whisker

Kid who fixes old radios (inspirational stuff!)

Hubble Space Telescope-- Deep Field

Ashar Farhan discusses his BITX20 on CNN!

Homebrew Helicopter (that you can pilot -- not RC)

Loyd's Homebrew Airplane (Inspiring! Cool workshop!)

Video on my 20 meter DSB transceiver

Video tour of the London shack of M0HBR

Video clip of London side of SolderSmoke #30

SolderSmoke 73 from Switzerland

73 to SolderSmoke from Barcelona

Greetings to SolderSmoke from Dominican Republic

Triivial Electric Motor Video

Army parachute ops (now imagine doing this at night)

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