Audio Clips from Ham Radio Contacts

with MIR and the Space Shuttle

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During 1995 I was in the Dominican Republic and got very interested in establishing direct ham radio contact with the MIR space station and the Space Shuttle. I was in a good location for this project - I was far enough away from the east coast to avoid the intense competition of thousands of like-minded radio amateurs.

I recorded all of the radio conversations.

Thanks to the help of my friend Tyler Dunn, I had RealAudio versions of the clips. RealAudio has apparently disappeared, so I converted the files to mp3 format.  Just click on the links below. 

Here they are: 

MIR calling N2CQR. Astronaut Norm Thagard calling N2CQR/HI8 (me!)

Resupply ship! Astronaut Norm Thagard staying up late to meet a resupply ship.

Breath Test! Thagard talks about one of his medical experiments.

Talking to Jay Apt. Thagard talks to Astronaut Jay Apt (N5QWL)

Lightning from Space. Thagard talks about watching lightning from orbit.

Sleeping in Space. Thagard tells the kids about sleeping in zero G.

Moving Modules. Thagard describes rearrangement of MIR's modules.

GODSPEED! Thagard and N2CQR discuss "The Right Stuff"

Good Night! Hear the MIR slip over the horizon as a contact with N2CQR/HI8 ends.

Listening for the Cubans. Thagard talks of trying to contact hams in Cuba

Thagard in Russian. Thagard speaking Russian (probably to Cuban hams)

Probably a Russian in contact with compatriot at JSC Houston.

Hello Houston? (In Russian) Sounds like one of the Cosomonauts calling Houston.

Space Shuttle Contact. Astronaut Don Thomas aboard STS-70.

German on MIR. Tomas Reiter (DP0MIR) from the MIR

I hope you've enjoyed the clips! Please send comments to my current e-mail address